ExpoCoating Moscow is held alongside with the international industrial exhibitions: Testing & Control, PCVExpo, NDT Russia, FastTec, Mashex Moscow, Power Electronics и HEAT&POWER:

  • 15 778 visitors attended all 8 exhibitions in 2017
  • Over 9 500 specialists visited hall where ExpoCoating Moscow exhibition was held
  • 2 100 unique visitors from 60 regions of Russia and 21 countries of the world 
Visitors interest to the products represented at the exhibition* (num. of people):
Equipment and components for galvanic plants – 1 092
Industrial paint and anti-corrosion coatings – 966
Equipment for surface treatment – 966
Chemicals & consumables for galvanic industry – 777
Wastewater treatment equipment for galvanic industry applications – 630
*Multiple choice questions were used in visitors questionnaire
Type of companies, represented by visitors (num. of people):
Manufacture of metal products and structures – 410
Machine-building manufacturing – 400
Services of surface treatment and coatings application – 336
Instrument and electronic components manufacturing – 294
Scientific research and development – 231
Supply of equipment and materials for surface treatment and coatings application – 219
Other** – 209
**Answer ‘other’ was chosen by representatives of companies involved in engine building, manufacture and sale of paint materials, cable manufacturing, medical equipment manufacturing, steel pipes manufacturing, chemical manufacturing, treatment facilities designing, water treatment and wastewater treatment, metalworking, rubber goods production, transport engineering, shipbuilding and jewelry production