Science-practical conference 'Coatings and Surface Treatment'

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Preliminary confernce programme:
Section: Promising technologies to enhance the durability and performance of the equipment, tools and parts.
Strengthening coatings during the manufacturing of the components Lomachenko Stanislaw, General Director of Oerlikon Metko Rus, Moscow
Decisions regarding the strengthening and recovery of the tools Gabitov Ravil, Development Director, Oerlikon Metko Rus, Moscow
Equipment and materials for thermal spraying and welding. Examples of application Krasavin Alexander Sergeevich, Commercial Director of Plakart CJSC, Moscow.
Section: Application of industrial paints and varnishes.
Overview of the general situation in the paint industry in Russia Averyanov Gennady Vladimirovich, Tsentrlak Association, Moscow
Protective coatings for buildings and structures used for various purposes produced by VMP Holding CJSC SIH VMP HOLDING, Ekaterinburg
Section: The abrasive surface treatment: tools, equipment and technology.
The barrel finish – the volumetric grinding and polishing as an effective method of surface preparation in the mass production Yakovlev Pavel, FAGOT Engineering, Moscow
Flexible abrasive tools – the expansion of application scopes, new materials and the designs Khilchenko Grigoriy Leonidovich, Moscow Abrasive Works Plant, Moscow
Cost-effectiveness analysis regarding the abrasive surface treatment depending on the quality of the applied tools Babarykin Dmitry Aleksandrovich, FAGOT Engineering, Moscow
Selection of the tools for superfinishing surface treatment. Using of highly porous tools, the physical processes in the cutting zone Sharabaev Maksim Aleksandrovich, INF-Abrasiv
Criteria for selection of cutting lubricants used for surface treatment depending on the material being processed Reshmin Yuri, a regional manager for Russia, Master Chemical Europe LTD.
Sand blasting, shot blasting and water jet treatment - selection of the optimal equipment for maximum performance  
Section: Practical solutions for modern galvanic industry.
An overview of recent developments and implementations performed by Atotech company (Germany) in the field of corrosion-resistant coatings Juozas Daukshas, ​​ Atotech sales engineer
Application of the chemical nickel plating HCA-10 in the industry Gleb Gavrilin, Himnikel, Moscow
Anodes for galvanic plating: possible problems, issues and solutions Liora Sergei Iosifivich, director of AMG TD, Chelyabinsk.
Competitive technologies and equipment for processing of galvanic-chemical parts and printed circuit boards with zero emissions of waste water onto the treatment facilities and aggressive evaporation in the atmosphere of the workshop Alexeev Andrey Nikolaevich, MSTU named after N.E. Bauman, Moscow.
Galvanol composition for cold galvanizing – long-term protection of steel constructions from corrosion Bocharov Basiliy, commercial director of the corrosion protection SPC, Moscow.
Designing of cost-effective galvanic lines Borodulin Alexander, project manager of "РТС Engineering" LLC, Moscow.
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