R-Garnet company will participate in ExpoCoating Moscow 2022


R-Garnet is a company that holds a leading position in the market of integrated solutions in the areas of use of garnet sand and waterjet equipment.

R-Garnet company will participate in ExpoCoating Moscow 2022
JSC "R-Garnet" is a leading Russian supplier of equipment for waterjet cutting machines for metalworking. In 2005, the company began with the supply of garnet abrasive, in 2008 expanded the range to the main consumables of machines of all brands and, finally, in 2014, launched the production of machines for cutting water with abrasive under its own brand "R-GAR". This equipment meets all modern international safety standards, production is certified in accordance with the standards of the quality management system ISO 9001.
The company offers a wide range of components that need regular replacement due to the features of waterjet cutting:
* nozzles of various sizes
* ruby and sapphire focusing tubes made of carbide wolfram
* connecting elements that can withstand high pressure
* welded and cellular lattice decking
Also in the company "R-Garnet" you can order garnet sand fractions from 10 / 20mesh to 200mesh, widely used in waterjet and sandblasting.
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