Sonis company will participate in ExpoCoating Moscow 2022


Sonis LLC supplies manufacturing enterprises with special invented chemical compositions used in the implementation of various electroplating technical processes and the preparation of metals for coating.

Sonis company will participate in ExpoCoating Moscow 2022
High quality chemistry from Sonis, OOO and comprehensive help shop technicians in the development of new processes from experienced specialists and consultants has resulted in hundreds of businesses across Russia, including plants fulfilling defense contracts, have made their choice in favor of the proposed Sonis, OOO technologies.
The company supplies special chemical compounds, gloss-forming and other additives from the world's leading manufacturers and its own production for: GALVANIZING, CHROMATING, COPPER PLATING, NICKEL PLATING, COLD BLACKENING, DEGREASING, PHOSPHATING, PRESERVATION, ETCHING. High quality, affordable prices and comprehensive assistance to shop technologists from experienced consultants in mastering the proposed technical processes are the basis for successful technological modernization of chemical and electroplating industries in Russia and increasing their competitiveness.

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