We are glad to announce official partner of ExpoCoating Moscow - Italian association A.I.F.M.



We are glad to announce official partner of ExpoCoating Moscow - Italian association A.I.F.M.
A.I.F.M. is a no-profit association open to all the operators in the plating industry, having the scope to:
  • Defend, protect and develop the future of the metal finishing industry in Italy.
  • Develop and spread the results of R&D studies related to metal finishing processes and applications.
  • Operate for the environmental protection.
  • Aid and favour the exchange of information at the national and the international levels.
  • Organise conferences and training events to promote the scientific and the technical education of the metal finishing workers and operators.
  • Represents the Italian metal finishing companies at national and international exhibitions.
  • Create connections among all the actors involved in the metal finishing sector (chemicals, plant and equipment suppliers - surface treatment specialists and applicators - end users).
A.I.F.M. is member of UNI, the Italian Body for Standardization; it was a member of the European CEN WG6/TC271 Group that has been responsible for the European standard EN 17059:2018 “Plating and anodizing lines - Safety requirements” (in force from July 2018). Moreover, in the next weeks, the association will be involved in the review process of the standard EN 12921 “Machines for surface cleaning and pre-treatment of industrial items using liquids or vapours”.
A.I.F.M. is connected to Milano Polytechnic and is a partner of PureNano, a European H2020 Project aimed to develop a purification process of plating baths from contaminants & undesirable chemical species hindering the operation of the bath using functionalized magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs).
A.I.F.M. publishes its official journal "Galvanotecnica e nuove finiture”, the technical magazine of the Italian metal finishing market from 1949. It caters to: surface engineers and technicians working in the field of the metal deposition and surface finishing, both electro and electroless - galvanic shops owners and managers - galvanic plants and equipment suppliers - chemical products and processes suppliers - waste treatment processes suppliers - end-users.
The “call for articles” is indefinitely open: papers dealing with the innovation in the surface treatment of metals (electroplating and electroless coating, processes, analysis, waste water management, etc.) are always welcome.
To contact us: info@galvanotecnica.org – www.galvanotecnica.org

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