The first webinar within ExpoCoating Club was held successfully on 31 March, 2021


ExpoCoating Moscow exhibition will be held in Moscow, Russia at Crocus Expo on October 26-28, 2021. The webinar opened a series of online and offline events within the ExpoCoating Club – a new format of business communication, which will be attended by leading experts in the field of surface treatment and specialists of Russian industrial enterprises interested in ensuring the protection of manufactured products that require high reliability in operation.

The first webinar within ExpoCoating Club was held successfully on 31 March, 2021

The webinar covered the topic "Auxiliary equipment for electroplating production". Presentations were made by:
  • Anastasia Grigorieva, General Director of TD "Elma" / "Asterion" (Russia). Topic: "Organization of efficient filtration and mixing processes in electroplating production»
  • Ekaterina Belyanko, Sales Manager Eastern Europe, KraftPowercon (Sweden). Topic: "Modular power supply - new applications and promising developments»
  • Mikhail Makarov, Chief Engineer of Polyplast (Russia). Topic: "Verification of Flex Kraft rectifiers»
The event was attended by more than 100 participants: production directors, process engineers, laboratory managers, site managers and other specialists. All participants received certificates of participation in the webinar. 1.5 hours passed very quickly and fruitfully. Here are just a few reviews:

The format of communication is excellent. Let's meet more often!
... 1.5 hours brought a lot of information. The materials differ in practicality, actual problems are considered, specific solutions are proposed, and practical examples are given. All information is illustrated, explained, and easy to understand…
An interesting and well-thought-out interface for holding a meeting, the quality of communication, a report, and
answers to questions. Interesting reports and speakers.
The event allows you to communicate with colleagues, ask questions, learn about new products in the
New, necessary information, the opportunity to use the proposed technologies
in their production, the prospect of cooperation.
An overview of several topics at once (useful for general development for narrowly
focused operation specialists - electricians, heat engineers). Easy registration and quick entry to the webinar.
The speakers ' reports sparked a lively discussion, which continued online and after the webinar. Also, based on the results of the audience survey, we choose the most interesting topics for the next webinars. Companies participating in ExpoCoating Moscow 2021 can make presentations. Request terms of participation in the exhibition >>

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