ExpoCoating Moscow 2021 post-show report


On October 26-27, 2021 ExpoCoating Moscow exhibition took place in Russia, Moscow, at Crocus Expo IEC

ExpoCoating Moscow 2021 post-show report

ExpoCoating Moscow is Russia's key specialized international exhibition of of materials and equipment for surface treatment, coatings application and electroplating. 
The organizer of the exhibition is the MVK company, office in St. Petersburg.
This year the exhibition was visited by specialists of Russian industrial enterprises from more than 100 cities of Russia – more than 40 Russian regions - interested in purchasing equipment and materials to ensure the protection of manufactured products that require high reliability in operation.
Among ExpoCoating Moscow 2021 exhibitors there were the companies BOYSIS MAKINE, Italgalvano, BMT, Kovofinish, Constanta, Kupol, Laboratory of Vacuum Technologies, Beams&Plasmas, NTC MAGISTER-S, Navikom, OBNINSK POWDER SPRAYING CENTER, Ostek enterprise, Plasma K, Polyplast, R-GARNET, Sonis Company, TETRA, UralAktiv, HIMKROFF / INVENTOR, Khimnikel, Khimsnab, CLEAN TECHNOLOGIES, ELMA Trading House and many others.

The participants of the exhibition presented:
* a wide range of equipment for electroplating and chemical surface treatment;
* services for the production and supply of turnkey electroplating lines (mechanized, semi-automatic, automated), including integrated design and installation of electroplating workshops with full environmental support;
* equipment for water treatment and wastewater treatment, air purification systems, electrolyte filtration plants and treatment plants, various energy-efficient and resource-saving technologies;
* materials for surface treatment and coating.

As part of the business program of ExpoCoating Moscow, a scientific and practical conference "Energy resource efficiency of electrochemical and chemical surface treatment processes" was held. 
The conference organizers: MVK company, office in St. Petersburg, and the D. I. Mendeleev Russian Academy of Sciences. With the assistance of D. I. Mendeleev Russian Technical University, RAS Scientific Council on Physical Chemistry, Frumkin Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry.
The conference participants discussed the following topics:
* Efficiency of water consumption in electroplating production.
* Features of the process of chemical gilding from neutral solutions.
* A new generation of zinc-nickel alloy deposition electrolytes SLOTOLOY VX series from Schloetter (Germany) - an innovative technology of anodic processes.
* Modern electrolytes of chemical nickel plating company Schloetter (Germany) - Overview.
* Deposition of metal coatings on pre-oxidized aluminum alloys.
* Hardware design of wastewater treatment processes of electroplating production.
* Increase of energy resource efficiency of technologies for neutralization of liquid technogenic waste of electroplating industries.
* Technology for obtaining sealing abrasion coatings by chemical deposition of nickel on boron nitride powder.
* New generation abrasive materials designed to increase productivity and minimize risks.
* Electrodeposition of corrosion-resistant chromium-containing alloys modified with tungsten. 
* Combating environmental pollution with hexavalent chromium and cadmium compounds. 
* Chemical nickel plating of highly developed surfaces. 
* Specialized journals are your assistants in production and scientific research. 
* VINITI databases as a tool for problem-oriented search and determination of current trends in the field of galvanochemical surface treatment and corrosion protection.

Visitors about the exhibition:
 I. G. Semakov, Deputy Head of the Perspective projects Service "Alexandra Plus", Vologda 
"A very useful event. In light of recent events, the pandemic, it is very good that the exhibition is being held, because there is an opportunity to meet and exchange experiences. People come here who really want to promote their products. We have strengthened relations with our existing partners, whom we met here."
Exhibitors opinion:
"We present phosphating chambers, paint and shot blasting lines, our classic surface preparation complexes, as well as equipment for water treatment, water treatment and application of chemical reagents at the exhibition. In a difficult epidemiological situation, I can note that the exhibition is visited by specialists who are maximally focused on the process, targeted visitors. And among the participants are the strongest and most reliable companies that have survived the crisis and continue to work successfully in the market."
Peter Razzhigaev
Chief Engineer of SPK GROUP
"Within the framework of the exhibition, meetings were successfully held at the stand with long-time partners with whom Polyplast LLC has developed close and fruitful business relations over the 30-year history of its work.
Our employees demonstrated new samples of the manufactured equipment, consulted the visitors of the stand. Informative presentations about existing products and new developments were also held.
For many years ExpoCoating Moscow has become a traditional meeting place for long-time industry partners, as well as a place to establish interesting business contacts for the further successful operation of the enterprise.
We are sure that according to the results of the exhibition, new interesting projects are waiting for Polyplast LLC very soon, and new high–quality equipment is waiting for customers.
See you at ExpoCoating Moscow 2022."
Polyplast LLC 

"In 2021, the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus presents about 45 innovative developments. Thus, the collective stand of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus, organized by the Belarusian National Technical University, presents innovative developments of BNTU (including the BNTU Polytechnic Science and Technology Park), Belarusian State University, Belarusian State Technological University, Belarusian-Russian University, Brest State Technical University, Gomel State University named after F. Skaryna, Gomel State Technical University named after P. O. Sukhoi, Grodno State University named after Yanka Kupala".
Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus

"Laboratory of Vacuum Technologies Plus" thanks all the participants and organizers of ExpoCoating Moscow 2021 for a wonderful event. We hope you had a good time. See you at the next exhibition!"
Laboratory of Vacuum Technologies plus
The Organizing Committee of ExpoCoating Moscow thanks the participants, visitors and partners of the exhibition!
We look forward to seeing you again next year on October 25-27, 2022 in Moscow, Russia, at Crocus Expo IEC!

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