PLAZMA-K will participate in ExpoCoating Moscow 2022


Since 2005, the company has been the official representatives in Russia of the Italian companies "Italgalvano" (specialization - gloss-forming agents and chemical products for electroplating) and "P.F.G" - Progetti e Forniture Galvaniche (specialization - manufacture of electroplating equipment and equipment for wastewater treatment of electroplating industries).

PLAZMA-K will participate in ExpoCoating Moscow 2022
On the basis of the company, a line of additives "IMPULSE" has been developed, which has gathered up-to-date knowledge about modern galvanic processes.
The company's field of activity:
  • Development, production and sale of chemical products for electroplating and printed circuit board production;
  • Supplies of equipment for equipping electroplating workshops;
  • Trade in reagents and technical chemicals;
  • Trade in chemical components for microelectronics.

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