New exhibitor of ExpoCoating Moscow 2022 - ChemNikel company


ChemNikel company was originally created to develop a highly effective solution of chemical nickel plating and a number of compositions associated with this process. Over time, the range of tasks of ChemNikel has significantly expanded and today the company operates in three directions.

New exhibitor of  ExpoCoating Moscow 2022 - ChemNikel company
The first direction is the development and sale of various solutions and compositions for electroplating industries. These are solutions for degreasing and activating various materials, as well as electrolytes and glitter-forming additives directly.
The company sells only those products that are designed and manufactured by ChemNikel, which allows us to provide high quality and lower price than competitors.
The second direction is the production of chemical nickel plating baths and lines for various electroplating processes. It is important to say that Himnikel is exactly the equipment manufacturer. That is, it carries out the design, development and manufacture of galvanic lines according to the customer's technical specifications. As well as supervision, commissioning and covering of a trial batch of parts. And of course free consultations during operation
The third direction is the services of electroplating the customer's parts. ChemNikel has its own galvanic site, which is constantly expanding, increasing the range of services provided. For today, ChemNikel accepts orders for galvanic nickel plating, chemical nickel plating, copper plating, tinning (tinning, tin-bismuth) and aluminum anodizing.

On October 25-27, 2022, ChemNikel will take part in the ExpoCoating Moscow exhibition at the Crocus Expo IEC in Moscow, Russia.
To book a stand, please, contact the Organizing Committee:
+7 812 401 69 55


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