UralActiv LLC will participate in ExpoCoating Moscow 2023


UralActiv LLC is developing and manufacturing equipment for hydrometallurgical and galvanic enterprises. All products of the company are made of chemically resistant polymer sheet materials (polypropylene, polyethylene, PVC, PVDF) and fiberglass.

UralActiv LLC will participate in ExpoCoating Moscow 2023
UralActiv LLC produces and supplies:
  • Fans, scrubbers, suction filters and air ducts made of polypropylene;
  • Capacities and reservoirs made of polypropylene and polyethylene;
  • Polypropylene chemical reactors;
  • Galvanic baths and equipment made of polypropylene;
  • Pools and fonts made of polypropylene;
  • Grease traps and drop eliminators made of polypropylene;
  • Furniture made of polypropylene (cabinets, racks and a fume hood for the laboratory, acid storage cabinets made of polypropylene).
The company also supplies imported equipment and spare parts from Germany, China, Korea, Japan (selection according to technical specifications, purchase, delivery, certification, customs clearance).

To book a stand at ExpoCoating Moscow 2023, please, contact the Organising committee:

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