GALVANIT will take part in ExpoCoating Moscow 2023


GALVANIT company was established in 2005, and nowadays it is one of the main manufacturers in the Russian market of equipment, technologies and materials for electroplating industries.

GALVANIT will take part in ExpoCoating Moscow 2023
The company has a wide range of products that allow technologists and engineers of electroplating industries to solve almost any task. All products of GALVANIT are of high quality and also meet the requirements of regulatory documentation. All specialists of the company have higher specialized education and are always ready to provide qualified assistance.

Today GALVANIT has an extensive experience in the design of electroplating sites, process development, supplies of European equipment, chemical products, anode and auxiliary materials, which allows the company's specialists to create complex integrated solutions aimed at improving the efficiency of existing and creating new electroplating productions. The company's warehouses have a wide range of chemical products for technical and laboratory purposes, anode and auxiliary materials, pumping and filtering equipment, etc. Reliable partnership with foreign manufacturers of equipment and special chemical compositions for electroplating production, allow the specialists of Galvanit to organize the supply of missing products to the warehouse in the shortest possible time. Prevention of production losses, as well as improvement of product quality is the main goal the company GALVANIT in cooperation with Russian electroplating plants .

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