The first ExpoCoating Moscow 2023 results


On October 24-26, 2023 ExpoCoating Moscow exhibition was successfully held in Moscow, Russia.

The first ExpoCoating Moscow 2023 results
ExpoCoating Moscow is a key specialized international exhibition of materials and equipment for surface treatment, coating and electroplating industries. 
ExpoCoating Moscow is organized by International Exhibition Company (MVK).

In 2023 more than 50 companies took part in ExpoCoating Moscow – the exhibitors are the leading companies of the industry. Among the exhibitors there were a large number of new companies that have expanded the range of products presented at the exhibition in all sections:
  • Gamma Color presented industrial, anticorrosion, antibacterial and architectural powder coatings, as well as chemical additives and concentrates.
  • Grandprom supplies special spare parts, materials, and provides modernization of industrial equipment, installation of security systems.
  • Instaprom conducts design and manufacture of equipment for all electroplating processes.
  • Kairos Technology is one of the leading companies in the field of import of technological equipment and components (equipment for electroplating lines, pumping equipment, compressor equipment, instrumentation and instrumentation, specialized products for tank farms, etc.).
  • MetallPlastPriority specializes in development and production of anticorrosive polyolefin powder compositions.
  • NevaReaktiv presented the products of Chemeta® brand for effective protection of materials from corrosion.
  • NSK, LLC supplies equipment for applying powder paints manufactured by JOBON, China. JOBON Company is continuously taking the leading role in the industry of powder coating and enamel coating equipment and solution.
You may find the full list of ExpoCoating Moscow 2023 exhibitors following the button below:
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The exhibition participants presented a wide range of equipment and materials for electroplating production – especially the visitors noted a large selection of rectifiers, as this year there was a high demand from manufacturing enterprises. Also at ExpoCoating Moscow there were a lot of additives and auxiliary equipment for electroplating processes. This year many companies presented equipment for wastewater treatment, air treatment and waste disposal of electroplating industries. In addition, the visitors appreciated the range of equipment and materials for applying both electroplating and paint coatings. Many exhibitors provide services for the application of electroplating, chemical and polymer coatings, as well as cleaning and surface preparation and restoration of coatings services.
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This year ExpoCoating Moscow exhibition was held in the same hall with the exhibition of CNG, LNG, LPG, gas refueling equipment and gas vehicles GasSuf. The hall where the exhibitions were held was visited by 4,837 specialists, of whom:
  • 1,444 people were visitors of ExpoCoating Moscow exhibition;
  • 3,393 specialists came by tickets of other industrial equipment exhibitions held simultaneously with ExpoCoating Moscow (NDT Russia, Heat&Power, PCVExpo, ExpoCoating Moscow, GasSuf, FastTec).
Thus, the number of visitors of ExpoCoating Moscow increased by 18% compared to 2022.

● "We liked the exhibition, there were a lot of visitors – and that’s why we had to additionally call more managers to work at the stand in order to have time to communicate with all clients. We were well impressed, we gathered a lot of contacts of potential clients – we hope that after the exhibition many of them will become our real clients."
Vera Polozova, Marketing Manager, Gamma Color

● "At the exhibition, we found new partners and signed contracts with them, learned a lot for ourselves and met with our colleagues. We hope for mutually beneficial long-term relationships with new customers!"
Olga Bashkankova, Commercial Director, GidroTechProekt

● "We are impressed by the exhibition, there were a lot of visitors, we gained a lot of contacts, as we worked productively at the exhibition."
Alexander Venertsev, CEO, EcoTech

● "The specialists of our company visit the ExpoCoating Moscow exhibition every year, and every year we have different tasks – today we were most interested in such equipment as: galvanic rectifiers and bells for coating small parts. Representatives of the exhibiting companies also noted that the demand for rectifiers from many enterprises has sharply increased, so this year the companies have increased the capacity for their manufacturing – and this is noticeable in the assortment presented at the exhibition. We were also interested in the equipment for neutralization and purification at the stations, namely, press filters, and we found the company who manufactures that at the exhibition. We are satisfied with visiting the exhibition, we have got answers to all our questions."
Olga Terekhina, Process Engineer, Scientific production association “ATOM”

 "I came to the ExpoCoating Moscow exhibition in order to find electroplating coatings - I was satisfied with the assortment at the exhibition, everything was wonderful."
Ivan Kulikov, Design Engineer, “Agregat”, PJSC

● "We were interested in additives and filtration installations for electroplating baths, rectifiers, wastewater treatment equipment, and now finding new suppliers is especially relevant. At the exhibition, we found a lot of useful information for our company, mostly on additives, rectifiers, and water treatment."
Olga, Deputy Chief Process Engineer, Galax

● "Our company specializes in the production of metal structures, initially we were interested in automatic powder coating lines, as well as equipment for preparing and cleaning the metal surface before painting. We visited the exhibition for the first time, we received detailed consultations from representatives on our questions, and there were quite a lot of proposals on the preparation of metals for surface preparing – we took a lot of contacts. We hope that the exhibition will continue to develop."
Representative of “Stalnoy”, LLC

The Organizing committee thanks the participants, visitors and partners for three unforgettable days of ExpoCoating Moscow 2023!
We look forward to meeting you at the next ExpoCoating Moscow exhibition, which will be held on October 22-24, 2024.


To book a stand at ExpoCoating Moscow, please, contact the Organizing committee:
+7 812 401 69 55
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